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Portrait Playdate

Wanna Play?

...and have your kids portraits taken while you hang out with your friends? You've been to jewelry parties, food parties, kitchen parties and even "unmentionables" parties. Now is your opportunity to experience the newest wave in social gatherings. Host a Portrait Playdate Party.

Let's face it, custom photography is a luxury in today's economy.

A Portrait Playdate Party is a fun and affordable way to get some great pictures taken of your kids. It starts with the structure of a typical playdate...friends and family and their kids come to play, snack and visit while I do what I do - capture images of your kids where they are themselves, the way YOU see and love them.

That is one of the best things about a Portrait Playdate Party. Your kids can really be themselves and have fun. The pressure isn't on them to perform. If they aren't "feeling it", they can sit in your lap awhile and hang back or play a little. There are absolutely no sales at your party.

Even sweeter? The session fee for all guests is complementary and there is no obligation to place an order. Simply host the party at your house or at a nearby park and invite at least 4 friends and their kids.

Plus, you earn print credits and freebees based on your guest's purchases, including a couple of free low-res images of your favorites to keep on your phone, post on Facebook or other social media site just for hosting.

Your kids play, eat snacks, go on a walk in the park or whatever they want and I'll shoot candids.

Plus, we can also work in some formal poses if you (and they) are interested. On average I'll spend 15-20 minutes on each participant.

Lifestyle Portraiture (relaxed informal sessions) is extremely popular and is for clients who want images with a fresh, fun look. A Portrait Playdate Party is an easy way to get that look.

What happens after the party?

The best images from your party are uploaded into a single gallery on our website and available for viewing within a week of your party. We notify you by e-mail when the gallery is ready and ask that you tell your guests.

Your guests then have 10 days to submit their orders which will serve as the basis for your rewards. Your order is then due within 4 days of that.

We deliver all of the prints to you, the hostess, within 2 weeks of submitting your order and ask that you then pass those portraits out to your guests.

Want more information or ready to book a party? Email us at muddyshoesphotography@gmail.com

Portrait Playdate FAQ:

What are the advantages for me and my guests?

•NO Session fee with qualifying parites

•Online gallery for viewing at your convenience

•NO buying at the party (No sales pressure)

•NO obligation to buy or minimum purchase

•Hostess receives portrait credit reward based on orders and several of our favorite low resolution images to keep on your phone, post on Facebook or other social media site

How much do pictures cost for my guests?

•Portrait costs are our standard portrait print prices with no sitting fee

•We’ll e-mail you a link to our Brochure which you can share with your guests ahead of time, plus we’ll bring some printed material too

What are my responsibilities as the hostess of the Portrait Playdate?

•Invite your family and friends(four to seven) and their kids over for a couple hours of fun

•Decide on a location large enough for the group (your house or nearby park)

•Providing a light refreshment for guests is always a good idea

•Collect and supply guest’s e-mail addresses to us so we can send them important information

What are the benefits to hosting a Portrait Playdate Party?

•You will receive a portrait print reward based on the total party sales (10% of all the party sales) to apply against your order

•Several of our favorite low resolution images to keep on your phone, post on Facebook or other social media site

•A free 5x5 20 page Brag Book (a $45 value) if one of your guests decides to book a Portrait Playdate Party of their own

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